Merckens Red Chocolate Wafers 1 lb

$ 6.79

Merckens Red Chocolate Wafers are a rich, vanilla-flavored coating. Merckens chocolate is our best-selling chocolate. It's known for consistent and superior quality. It has a rich chocolate velvety flavor. Merckens Chocolate coatings are easy to melt.

The chocolate is oil based, so never let water come in direct contact with the wafers. If you are adding flavors, they must be oil based flavors. Store in a cool, dry, and odorless environment. Do NOT place in refrigerator or freezer, because condensation will develop when removed.

NOTE: We ship Merckens Chocolate Wafers all year, however, wafers may melt in shipping during the summer months. If they melt during shipping they can be remelted, they just won't be in the same wafer shape.